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Je Suis Charlie

We have ONLY just ticked over into 2015 and already what a turbulent time it has been around the world in cities like Indonesia with the Air Asian crash, Glasgow bin lorry crash, Nigeria with the Boko Haram bombings and France with the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

Vigils and solidarity marches were held all around the world for the Charlie Hebdo attacks including Trafalgar Square in London. Below are a few images I have taken.

** Can you spot yourself? Scroll to the bottom to see an interactive 360 Pano from the middle of the crowd taken on 11th Jan 2015.

During it all I managed to grab a rough 360 Pano from the crowd. Was just for my reference but thought i’d share it here:

360 View: French solidarity gathering (Trafalgar Square) - 11/01/15**

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