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Sometimes shooting Wider is better!

What I mean by this is sometimes we are focused on capturing tighter shots. e.g, the raw emotion on a singers face, getting 3/4 length portraits or basically focusing mostly on our subject that we forget to see the bigger picture. 

The bigger picture or the wider shot enables us to put the tighter shots into perspective and gives context to the story we are trying to tell. It enables the viewer to explore the scene and provides a different perspective from what we are used to seeing. Two examples using the band Mallory Knox at the Roundhouse and Missy Elliot at Bestival, the first image is a typical shot of the artist in the zone while the second image puts the band/artist into perspective, showing a wider more epic view of the show. From which you can derive that they put on a pretty good show with amazing set design and big crowds!

Mallory Knox

Mallory Knox

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott

Over the summer and at various festivals I toyed with the idea of being able to get people to view certain areas or aspects of a festival on a grander scale either by creating panoramas or by going full 360! This gives the viewer an ability to explore the picture/scene a lot more as usually during a festival we are all there to have a good time and a lot of things pass us by. So by capturing little aspects of the festival site you get to experience it from another perspective.

I bumped into the amazing drumming band - Batala Portsmouth at Common people festival down in Southampton and The band conductor Lee Bagshaw (seen happily jumping in the picture below) was kind enough to let me use them as guinea pigs to try out a new idea i had. Many thanks to the members of Batala Portsmouth who were excellent and more than excited to get involved. 

Batala Portsmouth

The Link to the 360 degree image is here - Batala Portsmouth 360 *

Feel free to explore by dragging around the image or using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the image. So as to add some element of fun to the exploring I got every member to strike a silly pose, so let me know who did it the best!

So don’t forget to shoot wide every now and then!

* This was shot during the sunset so excuse the slightly grainy picture 

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